I am a 52 year old fit, active, “healthy” woman who has been in menopause for the past year. I have been dealing with the usual symptoms of menopause, which include hot flashes, irritability, no libido, poor sleep, heart palpitations and fatigue. I eat very clean and healthy, and exercise daily.  So I was completely in shock when I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. Not osteopoenia, but full blown osteoporosis. My doctor was quick to tell me to take calcium supplements, and also Fosamax was recommended to me.  I felt that he was not looking for the cause of my osteoporosis, and for some reason I hesitated at taking calcium supplements, considering my blood calcium levels were high, and calcium supplements could cause a stroke or heart attack in a person with high blood calcium levels.  Calcium clearly is going into my bloodstream, thus the high blood calcium diagnosis, and not my bones, thus the osteoporosis diagnosis, so lack of calcium is not the issue. With high blood calcium you’d think I would have strong bones, but obviously my body is not lacking calcium, it is just putting the calcium into the wrong part of my body.

     So I got online and discovered a disease called hyperparathyroidism. From this research I learned that we all have 4 parathyroids and their only job is to distribute calcium in your body. When calcium is being pulled from bones and put into the bloodstream, then there is a problem; Osteoporosis and high blood calcium occurs. The only situation that can cause both of these diagnoses is the presence of a small tumor on a parathyroid (hyperparathyroidism).  It is also interesting to note that hyperparathyroidism has almost all of the same symptoms as menopause. So here is what is really crazy…most doctors dealing with “menopausal” women do not even test for hyperparathyroidism, they just deal with menopausal symptoms and prescribe drugs for those symptoms! Same with osteoporosis! And high blood calcium is just as dangerous as high cholesterol, and we all know what happens if you have high cholesterol over a long period of time. Well having high blood calcium over a long period of time is just as deadly. The main stream media and pharmaceutical companies have jumped on the high cholesterol bandwagon because there is money to be made there with drugs, so we all know about the dangers of high cholesterol, but only limited information has been provided to inform the public of the dangers of having high blood calcium (there is potentially no money to be made by pharmaceutical companies with regards to high blood calcium as the ONLY treatment is removal of the bad parathyroid. No medicine can treat hyperparathyroidism.) If you have high blood calcium and your doctor tells you to wait until next year to see what your levels are, then find a new doctor! You would not stick with a doctor who told you that you had high cholesterol but to wait until next year to see what your levels are.

      I attempted to take hormone replacement therapy (Minivelle and progesterone) and immediately found out I am not a candidate for it, as I experienced high blood pressure, a severe headache and complete fatigue. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I had worn the estrogen patch for 12 hours and that was all I could take. I immediately felt better within minutes of taking off the patch. Hormone Replacement Therapy helps with osteoporosis, but with hyperparathyroidism, my osteoporosis would have continued even on HRT. That would have just caused the “bad” parathyroid to continue to place calcium in the wrong part of my body, and not into my bones. The only way to fix my osteoporosis is to remove the tumor on the parathyroid, so calcium is then distributed properly to my bones, and not dumped into my bloodstream causing high blood calcium.
     Through online research I have found the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa, FL, and am hoping that they will be able to cure me of my “menopausal” conditions by performing a 15 minute procedure to remove a malfunctioning parathyroid.  After that I will better assess my menopause and all of its crazy symptoms, but most importantly my osteoporosis should start to reverse itself once my blood calcium levels are addressed with the removal of a bad parathyroid.

     I am not a doctor (I can’t stand the sight of blood!!) but I learned all of this by refusing to accept that I just have osteoporosis. It doesn’t even run in my family, so I knew there was another issue going on. A little bit of research can open your eyes. It’s amazing how one issue (hyperparathyroidism) can affect your body (osteoporosis), and be blamed on another issue that has the same symptoms (menopause).  But the smoking gun here that points to hyperparathyroidism is the high blood calcium.  Some doctors are just so quick to prescribe medications without doing any research or asking “why?”, and in my case, wrong medications and supplements were prescribed that could have caused major problems down the road.  I’m only at step one of this process, where my OBGYN is doing duplicate blood tests a week apart, testing my blood calcium and PTH at the same time. She has been amazing! This information will be sent to the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa, FL. for analysis.  I will update this blog along the way as I gain more information from going through this process, so stay tuned.  All I know is I am tired of being tired, and will not accept that I have osteoporosis just because it was bound to happen at the menopause age of 52.

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One thought on “Menopause, Osteoporosis and High Blood Calcium

  1. This was written by my niece Gina , who has long battled menopause & heart problems due to being misdiagnosed. You are paying your Doctor for a service so don’t be intimidated by them & not ask questions you might have. If they don’t like being questioned , it is time to get yourself a new doctor ! If Gina had accepted what her Doctor had told her without questioning it , God knows what could have happened to her.


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